KIT - PLASTICS - OSR2+ With a Twist(Mosaic's Recommended Build) - Your Hobbies Customized LLC

KIT - PLASTICS - OSR2+ With a Twist(Mosaic's Recommended Build)

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Kit of all the plastics/hardware and minor electronics needed to build Mosaic's Recommended build.


  • Base for ESP32 DevKitV1 or ESP32s
  • Main Arm 2x
  • Support Arm
  • Fan Lid
  • Pitcher Housing
  • Pitcher Arm
  • Pitcher Lid
  • Twist Receiver Body
  • Twist Receiver Base
  • Twist Ring Clip Ring Gear
  • Twist Drive Gear 
  • Hardware
  • The only electronics included are wires, wire connectors, wire management, power bus and plug.
  • Desk Mount Desk mounts do not include hardware at this time. Please purchase 2x m6 bolts 60mm plus desk thickness, 2x m6 nuts, 2x m6 wingnuts. 

Assembly required.

Instructions for assembly and parts list available on the Tempest Discord. You need to be subscribed to tempests Patreon to purchase.

Here is his link.

If you want custom color filament select custom and send me an email so we can collaborate.