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User Manual
Basic Trouble-Shooting
Plug order - First connect power then connect USB. Unplug it and plug it back it. 
Check in MOSA - With the device powered off click Serial and select CP2102.(If you do not see CP2102 then drivers are likely missing)Wait about 5 seconds and turn on the device. It should home. If it does, move the sliders and watch the visualizers and compare it to the devices movements this will help you identify if there is a direction problem with the servos. 
Servo Motion Inverted - OSR2: Check that SR6 mode not enabled in web panel settings. Switch (literally swap) the digital servo leads(Normally orange or white). The wires themselves remove from the black housing they are in by lifting a small plastic tab.
Servo Motion Slow Sluggish Not In Sync - Wrong voltage/No power/Bad Servo- Check cords and power barrel for good connection.
Erratic/Unexpected Behavior - First remove all modules at the clipping connectors. Test to see if the device will home and behave as expected. If behavior is still erratic check that the ground cable between power bus and ESP32 chip(Pin 2 on the left) has a good connection.

Where You Can Reach Out For Assistance

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