Pre Assembled Builds

OSR2+ All the Way
SR6 All the Way
OSR2+ With a Twist

DIY Kits

OSR2+ All The Way [Plastics] (Soldering Required)

OSR2 Base Build [Plastics] (No Soldering Required)
OSR2+ With a Twist (Mosaic's Recommended Build) [Plastics] (No Soldering Required)

Easy to "bolt on" upgrades.

Base Model

Bolt on Upgrades

Pitch Module

Adds an extra axis to the OSR2 making it the OSR2+. Most noticeable in grinding scenes.

Pitch Module

T-wist Module

This upgrade will twist your Fleshlight or Heated Mod Case and our sleeve with it.

T-wist Module

I-lube Dispenser

Created by IsaacNewTongue this lobe dispenser works with the press of a button.

I-lube Dispenser

Coming from a Launch to this has been amazing and I’m grateful for the builders out there since I didn’t want to invest in a 3D printer.


My Launch died a while back so I talked to mosaicmusicians and ended up getting an OSR2+. All I can say is wow. Mosaicmusician helped me figure out what to get and was able to build/send it to me. This unit is amazing and the multi axis scripts are outstanding on it.


Very good service. Able to answer any questions and give support quickly and reliably. Would recommend to anyone looking to get their hands on a device.


My SR6 arrived this morning. Got all the bells and whistles on it. Only assembly required was plugging the twist, valve, and heater wires in. No worries on that though as it’s physically impossible to plug the wrong element into the wrong slot.

Powered it up, turned on MFP, and boom it works right out of the box!

Solid piece of machinery. Mosaic was super helpful and friendly through the process despite the bullshit life can bring.


I received my order from M0saic and it took maybe a week and a half to ship and then 2-3 days to arrive, as they are made to order.

I’m very happy with the turn around time and quality of my purchase.

The twist is like a dream come true. I didn’t think it would be a game changer, but it totally is. With Twist everything seems so much more real. The I-lube is super nice as well.


I ordered a SR6 with a twist. It took a little longer than I expected but it was due to life. Shit happens and the wait wasn’t really all that long.

Once I got my product, it was well packaged, a flawless print that worked right out the box. Mosaic works with you, answers questions timely, 10/10 would order again and probably will.


Just got my OSR2+ from @M0SAICWhat a job! It’s insane… how can I go back to my gf now? x’D