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SR6 by TempestMAx- Six Degrees of Freedom

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From the testing I have done so far this device is definitely a more superior robot than the OSR2+. 

For starters, where the OSR2+ would struggle against the negative pressure of the T-Valve and the stock screw on cap, you will not have that problem with 4-6 servos driving the receiver of the SR6. That is with the stock servos, you should not even need to upgrade servos unless you like really fast content or want to make the device quieter. 

The sway left and right that the SR6 can achieve is not even possible on the OSR2.

The T-wist module has already been made available by TempestMAx and is available in the catalogue.

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All builds now come with a desk mount, a 6ft USB cord and appropriate power supply.
All sales final, no exceptions. Exchanges with exceptions.
Desk mounts do not include hardware at this time. Please purchase 2x m6 bolts 60mm plus desk thickness, 2x m6 nuts, 2x m6 wingnuts.