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OSR2+ With a Twist Mosaic's Recommended Build

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Normaler Preis

This is an upgrade on the base model.

It has 4 axes to work with: Up/Down Roll Pitch and twist.

The twist receiver can be set to spin continuously or based off of the main axis' strokes.

Fan lid to keep the servos cool

Edging Switch /Custom Power Bus (to extend the life of the mainboard)

This upgraded mid tier model can be easily upgraded as the additional upgrades that are available are all modular. Other modules not included in this build are suction(T-Valve) heating(Mod Case) and lubing(Dispenser by IsaacNewTongue). 

OSR2/ SR6 are Designed by TempestMax please support him on his Patreon. He is great about releasing new content regularly and improving upon his design based on our feedback. 

All builds now come with a desk mount, a 6ft USB cord and appropriate power supply.

Desk mounts do not include hardware at this time. Please purchase 2x m6 bolts 60mm plus desk thickness, 2x m6 nuts, 2x m6 wingnuts. 

All sales final, no exceptions. Exchanges with exceptions.